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Warranty Information

AA Transaxle warranties most rebuilt units for the period of 1 year from date of purchase with unlimited mileage. Custom built units my have a lesser warranty. Non Stock motors have a 6 month warranty. **Unless otherwise noted on your invoice**

Warranty is not transferable and is valid only for the original purchaser.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        We take pride in our top quality rebuilt transaxles. These units are rebuilt with many new parts and should provide years of use under normal driving conditions.

This warranty includes a maximum$200 reimbursement for labor only should a problem occur during the warranty period, including shipping costs. After the 1st year, we will repair or replace unit at our discretion with no labor reimbursement. We do not pay the full retail labor or cover any incidental costs for any warranty problem. Return shipping will be provided at no cost. Please call AA Transaxle to confirm that a problem exists before removing the transaxle from the vehicle. 

We strongly suggest running the vehicle for 500 to 1000 miles, then changing the gear oil. This assures any contaminants are flushed out won’t cause further damage. Change gear at least every 20,000 miles or 2 yrs. 

We recommend Redline MT90 for a break in Gear Oil and then use a name brand 75/90 synthetic on most transmissions.

Engine conversions will limit the warranty due to the “enhanced” power the transaxle has to endure. Usually, the driver tends to use all that mega power wearing things out prematurely. Most transmissions were designed for around 100 HP and will wear faster with more HP.

Abuse, (intentional or not…) is not covered and voids the warranty. Broken or stripped gears, driving with low (or without) oil voids the warranty. We will not warranty any unit run low on oil, even if there is a seal failure. It is your responsibility to check fluid levels, as it is beyond our control. Stop driving the moment any problem appears. Excessive power or shifting force that causes a part to break, or any use for which the transmission was not originally designed will also void the warranty (and we can certainly tell what you were doing!!!)

Golf/Jetta style units, for example, which break the rivets holding the ring gear to the carrier is an obvious abuse problem caused by continued shock loading, sudden acceleration or power shifting. 

Please be especially careful of reverse gear. It is inherently weak so care must be used to assure reverse is fully engaged. Unintentional abuse is almost always the cause of reverse failure. Excessive loading while backing uphill, not being put completely into gear or putting into reverse while moving forward are the usual causes. Put the shifter into 2nd gear prior to engaging reverse. Please have the installing shop demonstrate the correct method of engaging reverse.

Custom or taller gear sets are a courser cut, can be noisier that the weaker stock gear sets, and are not covered under warranty if noisy.

Most of these transmissions are 20 to 40+ years old and have several hundred thousand miles on them, so some inherent noise cannot be avoided at times, especially with custom gear sets.

Please call AA Transaxle before removing to confirm there is a problem with the transaxle. 

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