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UPS is generally the best shipping method we have found in the US. The local Mailboxes Etc. or Post net type outlets charge a much higher rate (double) than taking it to the real UPS center.  The newer UPS stores charge about 10% more than the UPS center's. For example an 80 Lb. Jetta trans going from here (Seattle) to NY costs about $100 to ship.  A syncro trans runs about $150 give or take.  UPS will ship up to 150Lbs. Fed Ex is your best choice to Canada due to lower brokerage fees....

 I use heavy cardboard boxes with the transmission wrapped in 3" of heavy duty 1" bubble wrap or heavy duty foam and extra cardboard placed so it won't punch through the box. 2 boxes nested together make a stronger box also. Styrofoam turns to dust and packing peanuts are worthless with heavy objects.  Pieces of wood turn into toothpicks. Please make sure the oil is drained completely and wrap the tranny in garbage bags to try to contain any leakage. For Syncro units...Please plug the vent line hole (near the front top) because there is always 1/2 Qt of oil remaining in that portion of the trans...UPS will charge you for any damage caused by oil leaking onto other packages. Leave switches in, leave slave cyl bracket's on and remove mounts. I get boxes that have not been drained of oil and it makes a big mess. The key to shipping heavy things is to make the trans secure in its box so it will not move...at all...For most of you, bubble wrap is the best choice...pack it well and tightly...I have had Syncro's shipped with a piece of 3/8 plywood at the nose get punched thru...The gorillas in the shipping warehouses hate heavy boxes and treat them with no respect.

 For $50 additional, I can ship a box with bubble wrap padding to help insure a syncro trans arrives here safely.

If shipping on a pallet, use this address. 30330 NE 172nd St Duvall, WA. 98019  This is my neighbors machine shop that has a forklift and room for a semi to maneuver.

Use the shipping address below for boxes under 150 lbs and please call to set up an appointment, Email or tell me a shipment is on it's way. Call for details or the best way to package a heavy item or just to say Hi.. Thanks, Mat

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