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Frequently Asked Questions


  • We use only German bearings, seals and  synchro's in our rebuilds.  All Vanagons receive the  custom updated 3rd/4th slider hub to cure their most common failure and get re-bushed carrier housings and 1/2 relay lever in main case.
  • Turn-around time is generally 3 to 4 working days. May be longer in busy Spring & Summer times. (or if I am playing hooky or if it snows at Stevens  pass) Have my son Matt helping these days, so thing go pretty quickly.
  • We suggest a name brand 75/90 Synthetic for stock Vanagons with stock 2.1L motors such as Valvoline, Royal Purple, Amsoil or Penzoil.
  • Use MTL for the Jetta style units for "normal" usage. 
  • For higher power applications over 150 HP, a thicker weight racing type oil is highly recommended.       Swepco 210 (80/140 wt) is the recommended choice (the Porsche boys love it.) 210 is better in colder applications than 201, but both will shift a bit stiffer when cold..
  • The high power SVX and TDi conversions will eat up your ring/pinions if your not careful...beware...We recommend Swepco 210 for the higher HP/Torque and heavy rigs and to change every 2 yrs max.
  • Vanagons with a non stock engine can get a taller .77-4th Gear to drop about 500 RPM or a .70 for the SVX or TDI engines ($350 extra) A taller 1.18 or 1.14-3rd gear that drops about 200 rpm($350)...call for details or other gear ratio info and availability. Other ratios available these days...A 1.09-3rd or a .73 or .75-4th
  •  We have a mainshaft bearing retainer plate available to keep the mainshaft secure in its housing for higher powered motors as well. $150 extra.
  • Bolt Kits are available on 4 Cyl - 2.0 L  transmissions.  
  • Bell housings for the 020, 02A and 02J units are an extra charge if they have holes in them.
  • Syncro (or 2wd) mainshaft retainer plates are a good way to assure the mainshaft bearing will stay put down the road for higher powered vans...Always suggested for a TDI or 3.3 Subie and not a bad idea for a 2.5 either.